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If your garage door has problems, has sustained serious damage, or just doesn’t suit your property anymore, you’re overdue for a replacement. And when it’s time to book garage door installation in Fort Collins, CO, there’s no better company to call than Ascension Garage Door Service! Our kind and experienced technicians are dedicated to offering quality repair services at affordable prices for Colorado homeowners. Learn more about what we can do for your property below!

Residential Garage Doors

Garage Door Installation Services

Are you building a new house, shop, or garage? Let us install a brand new garage door to protect your vehicles, tools, and storage.

New Construction

Are you building a new house? We can install modern looking garage doors to really look nice with your brand new house. We carry many design options, colors, and styles for you to choose from. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Basic Garage Doors

Are you building a new garage, shop, or barn? We carry simple, basic garage doors for the person who doesn't need glass or fancy accents on their doors. You simply need a door that goes up and down that you can secure your items inside your building.

Replacement Panels

Did someone accidentally drive through your garage door? Maybe you suffered from a garage door opener failure and a panel was damaged? No worries. We understand that things happen. Give us a call today to chat about our replacement garage door panel options.

Residential Garage Door Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Our garage door installers are often called to homes around Fort Collins to perform residential garage door replacement for doors that are many years past their service lifespans. Here are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time to replace a garage door on your property:

  • Your garage door is more than 25 years old.
  • Your garage door’s track or panels are damaged.
  • Your garage door does not respond to its opener, even when you’ve replaced the opener’s batteries and had the motor repaired.
  • Your garage door does not respond to keypad or button controls.
  • Your garage door has become a safety hazard for children, pets, or others in your home.
  • You’ve been spending big bucks on garage door repairs, only to have the same problems reappear weeks or months later.

Residential Garage Door Installation in Fort Collins, CO

Ascension Garage Door replaces and installs garage doors in Fort Collins, CO.

Whatever reason you might need new garage door installation in Fort Collins, CO, it’s not a job most homeowners can do by themselves. You need technicians with the right expertise and tools. You need a team that does things correctly, rather than one that prioritizes their profit over your property. You need Ascension Garage Door Services!

Wonder why we’re so trusted to perform garage door installation in Fort Collins, CO? It’s simple:  we believe that the key to successful residential garage door installation is doing the job right the first time. You’ll never find our team members cutting corners, using low-quality materials, or not double-checking their work because doing so undermines the quality of the new garage doors we install for our customers.

Fort Collins Garage Door Repair,
Installation & Replacement Services

Garage Door installation & Repair

Our Service Areas

Ascension Garage Door Service is proud to provide garage door installation in Fort Collins, CO, along with the following neighborhoods and towns throughout CO:

  • Loveland
  • Boulder
  • Berthoud
  • Longmont
  • Firestone
  • Greeley
  • Windsor
  • And more!

Garage Door Repair Services in Fort Collins

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Replacing Old Garage Doors and More

As a premier garage door service company, we do more than just replace garage doors. Alongside garage door installation in Fort Collins, CO, we also provide:

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Whether you’re replacing old garage doors or you’ve just finished construction on a new home and need help with your garage, you can call our garage door installers anytime. Our experts are here for you and can bring back peace of mind to your home, family, and property. Have questions? Ready to schedule garage door installation in Fort Collins, CO? Contact us today to get a quote or speak to a team member. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!