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Is your garage door not closing? Are you dealing with a bent or broken garage door track, a squeaky garage door roller, or a broken garage door seal? We understand that more than anything else, you probably want to find someone who can perform garage door repair in Fort Collins, CO, as soon as possible. But before you pick up the phone to call the first company you see listed online near you, stop and think. Do you really want anyone with an impact driver and a truck to fix your busted garage door springs or broken garage door roller? Or do you feel more comfortable with true garage door repair experts?

Choosing the right garage door repair company can make or break everything from your property security to your home’s insulation. That’s why it’s so important to pick the best of the best when you need garage door repair in Fort Collins, CO. And at Ascension Garage Door Service, we strive to meet the goal of being the best each and every day.

Reliable Residential Garage Door Repair in Fort Collins, CO

We repair garage doors for all residential properties, no matter what style or material your doors are made from. Here are a few different residential garage door repair services we offer:

Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement

Ascension Garage Door takes care of garage door repairs in Fort Collins, CO.

If you were to compare your garage door system to the human body, the garage door cables would be equivalent to the spine. This vitally important and structurally significant part of your garage door sustains stress each and every day as you open and close the doors, and just like your spine, it can eventually become damaged. That’s why garage door cable repair and replacement is one of the most popular garage door services we offer. Notice loose, dragging, or drooping cables? Call us right away before your door sustains additional damage.

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Garage Door Track Repair and Replacement

If your garage door is hit by a car, dinged by branches in windy weather, or struck by a stray baseball, it’s easier than you think to end up with a bent or broken garage door track. Because your door operates by moving along the metal rails of the track, a damaged garage door track can spell trouble for your entire garage. Contact us ASAP for garage door track repair or replacement so that we can get things running smoothly once again.

Garage Door Panel Repair and Replacement

Broken garage door panels don’t just affect your property value. They also can make your home a target for robbers — or let in rodents and insects who are seeking a warm place to hide. Don’t put off garage door panel repair or replacement if one or more of your panels is damaged. Keep your home and family safe, and have our experts take care of you.

Garage Door Roller Repair and Replacement

Do you hear eerie creaking or shrieking when you hit the button on your garage door opener? You may have a rusty, squeaky garage door roller. Because your door needs its roller to successfully open and close, a broken garage door roller can lead to seemingly infinite frustration for many homeowners. Schedule garage door roller repair or replacement with our team and eliminate those nasty noises once and for all.

Garage Door Seal Repair and Replacement

Garage door seal repair may not seem as important as other garage door repair services we provide, but your garage door’s seal contributes significantly to your property security and home comfort. Without a functioning seal, you can end up with rising energy bills, unwelcome critters entering your home, water damage in your garage, and reduced home safety. If your seal is torn or otherwise damaged, our pros will replace it right away for you.

More Than Just Residential Garage Door Repair in Fort Collins, CO!

Ascension Garage Door Service is a full-service garage door repair company, so we don’t limit ourselves to just helping you out when your garage door’s not closing. Here are a few other garage door services we provide:

Garage Door Not Closing? Repair Experts Are One Call Away!

Don’t let that damaged garage door track or broken garage door seal drive you crazy anymore! Our garage door repair experts are just a click or phone call away. Your property deserves the best — and we’re dedicated to garage door perfection! We’ll speak with you soon.

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Need a reliable company to repair garage doors on your property? We’re likely right in your backyard! We provide garage door repair in Fort Collins, CO, along with the following neighborhoods and communities in CO:

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Garage Door Repair

Reliable Residential Garage Door Repair in Fort Collins, CO

We repair garage doors for all residential properties, no matter what style or material your doors are made from. Here are a few different residential garage door repair services we offer:

Broken Springs

Did your garage door springs break? This can be very dangerous because of the tension on not only the door but any additional springs you have installed. We recommend calling a garage door company right away and do not attempt to fix it yourself.

Replacement Panels

Is your garage door outdated and simply boring? Did someone drive through a panel? Let us install brand new, updated, and modern garage door panels for your home, shop, or outbuilding! Contact our replacement garage door panel specialists today.

Door Maintenance

Has your springs gotten loose with time? Openers not working as good as they once did? A roller is broken? Or you simply need grease and annual adjustments? We provide you with garage door maintenance services to ensure your door is always working.